Saturday, October 23, 2010

Crash Bandicoot and Sad Pastries

For Concepts class, we had to create our own version of a favorite video game cover. I grew up on Playstation 1 games such as Gran Turismo, Spyro the Dragon, and my favorite, Crash Bandicoot. I decided to redo the cover for the first Crash Bandicoot game, where he must save his furry girlfriend, Tawnya Bandicoot, from the clutches of his evil creator, Dr. Neo Cortex. I can remember as a child always going back and re-playing the boss stages of the game. Crash's developer's at the time, Naughty Dog, did a great job giving each boss character their own unique personality and look. They even went to the trouble of giving the player background information on the characters in the game booklet. Because of this, I decided to make the new game cover have a greater emphasis on these characters while still making Crash the focal point.

Original Naughty Dog Cover from 1996

My Cover

This is another piece I did for Concepts, where I illustrated the phrase "Sweet Sorrow".

Some really sad doughnuts.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Susanoo the Storm God Final

For advanced character design I had to create a final concept for the character, Susanoo the Storm God. Here is the final design.

Seeing Color pt. 2

Heres some more in class and homework pieces from Seeing Color.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Converse Ad

For Concepts we had to create a a comprehensive rough draft for a NY Times Advertisement. I chose to make mine about Converse shoes. If I were to ever make a final draft of this, I would use a higher quality photo of my shoe laces and the drawings would be a lot more rendered.

What TIME is it?

Time magazine cover time! So for concepts we had to design our own Time magazine cover for the article, "Is America Islamophobic?". This is a rhetorical question people.
since 911, people of the Islamic faith have been feared and discriminated against time and time again. With all the controversy over the Islamic community center being built near ground zero, this issue has finally started being addressed. I only hope things will improve in my lifetime.