Thursday, April 29, 2010

Rocket Power! Black Metal Style

For this illustration 2 assignment we had to design our own skateboard deck and t-shirt for a fictional Pro Skateboarder. The theme of my design is "Heavy Metal Space Pyramid" and the skateboarder is Mario Vargus. I decided to include singer, King Diamond of the band, Mercyful Fate on my board primarily because of how over the top his appearance is. You can't get much more HEAVY METAL than him. (fun fact: If you've ever seen the movie Clerks 2, Jay and Silent Bob are rocking out to King Diamond's song, "Welcome Home" in multiple scenes!). I wanted this to look like poster art you might find on a heavy metal show advertisement so I went for a lot of loud colors and stereotypical "heavy metal" imagery.

Drawing From the Tablet.... WITH COLOR!

After spring break, my Drawing from the Tablet teachers started to let us use color in our homework assignments! This hasn't made my digital painting skills any better, but look how colorful everything is now!