Sunday, January 24, 2010

Woohoo, first artwork of 2010! We had to do a grayscale self portrait for Drawing From the Tablet. We could only use the standard hard brush tool, and eraser tool. We could also change opacity. This is still a work in progress, but its getting there.

I also posted my homework for Studio Drawing: Portraiture. I love drawing skulls.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Tell Tale Heart

Here are some of my illustrations for Edgar Allen Poe's Tell Tale Heart. These were all done digitally and for Narrative Illustration.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Johns Hopkins Samurai/ Malaysian Punishment

Above is an illustration from an article about a Malaysian model who became the first woman sentenced to be caned for drinking alcohol. The medium is watercolor, markers, and ink pen. Here is the article.

Here are several illustrations for an article about the famous "Johns Hopkins Samurai". For those not familiar with the story, read this article. All pieces were done using ink pen, marker and watercolor.

Narrative Sketches

My favorite course of last semester was Narrative Illustration with John Fuqau. In this course we focused on illustrations for editorials, stories, articles, political cartoons, and comics. Over the course of the semester John would frequently gives us challenges where we would have a certain amount of time to illustrate a particular sentence or article in our sketchbooks. We also had to create illustrations for our own stories. Here are some random sketches.

Visual Journalism

Along with Illustration 1, I also took Visual Journalism with Warren Linn. This class was all about documenting the world around us in a sketchbook. We frequently took field trips to various sites around Baltimore City and drew our surroundings. This class was really beneficial to me because it required me to practice my observational drawing skills frequently. For the final project I edited a few of my favorite pages in photoshop.

Nicholas Cage Stole My Child

The DVD Cover Art

The only spot illustration I like.

For our Illustration 1 final, we were each assigned a movie and were asked to design a dvd cover, booklet and interior spot illustrations for it. I was assigned the Coen Brother's film, Raising Arizona. I found the movie to be very enjoyable, but coming up with cover art for it was an entirely different experience. I didn't settle on a design I liked until the third week of brainstorming. The whole project was due the following week. I managed to complete the booklet art and spot illustrations by the deadline, but their quality was severely lacking when compared to the DVD cover.

Nasty Animals

This was by far, the most enjoyable project of illustration 1 for me. We had to create four illustrations that demonstrate onomatopoeia. For my theme, I chose to illustrate the sounds of cartoon animals doing disgusting things. I took inspiration from artists like John Krifalusi, (creator of Ren and Stimpy) Jhonen Vasquez, and Robert Crumb.

On a side note, some of my High School friends might recognize that Hippo from my 11th grade English project on animation. Thats right kids, Its Darwin the Bulimic Hippo!

Tui Delai Gau

This is my illustration of the Fijian mountain god, Tui Delai Gau. According to legend, this god is capable of removing his hands and sending them to fish. He can also remove his head and place it in the sky to watch over the Fijian people.

The modern day counterpart to Tui Delai Gau, a Father taking his son out on a fishing trip.

Sketches for Tui Delai Gau.

Move like Grand Master Flash

For this assignment, we had to do an illustration of something we aren't good at illustrating with a medium we aren't good at using. I've always felt I need to show more movement in my work and I've never been pleased with my watercolor paintings. Upon learning this, Dan assigned me to do 3 illustrations of 80's break dancers. Two of the three had to be done in watercolor. I'm not really proud of the results, but it was definitely a learning experience. The piece on top was done in oil and chalk pastels.

Needs More Cowbell

This is another piece from Daniel Krall's illustration 1 class. We had to make a portrait of our favorite celebrity, so I chose to draw the great Christopher Walken. Known for his versatility, Walken has starred in some of Hollywood's greatest films. My personal favorite roles would have to be his brief appearance in Pulp Fiction and the classic SNL sketch where he's producing Blue Oyster Cult's song, "Don't Fear the Reaper". Walken tends to play characters who aren't necessarily insane, but usually kind of "off". I tried to make his vacant expression and choice of bendy straw reflect this.

Baroness Illustrations




I've decided to make my first few posts all about the bizarre creations that spawned from Daniel Krall's Illustration 1 class. For better or worse, the majority of my work for this class was done digitally. I am nowhere near as comfortable with photoshop as I am with oil paint and dry mediums, but I wanted to challenge myself to try something new. My first piece is a visual response to the song, "Isak" by Georgian progressive metal band, Baroness. The song is epic, heavy, and repetitive, so I Illustrated a viking about to battle a huge robot.... it seemed like a good idea at the time. The other two illustrations correspond to the songs, "Wanderlust" and "Grad" off the same album. Both me and my teacher agree that "Isak" was the strongest of the series, but the combination of colored pencil and photoshop didn't work as well as I thought. For anyone interested, here is a clip of Baroness performing "Isak" live.