Saturday, December 25, 2010


Hope you all have a happy holidays! Heres a Christmas card I made. Yes, even my Christmas cards are somewhat creepy. This is second attempt at combining a charcoal drawing with photoshop flat colors (the first being Sad Pastries). Overall, I'm pleased with how it came out. I'm going to keep playing around with this method.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Peking House

For concepts, we had to create a mural/banner design for any building of our choice. I decided to create artwork for the Chinese restaurant, Peking House, in the inner harbor of Baltimore. The characters in the mural are based off the Monkey King and and Lung Wang the Dragon King from Chinese folklore. Overall, I'm really pleased with how it turned out.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Environment Concept Art

This is a piece of concept art I did for Advanced Character Design. We had to create an environment associated with the character we were assigned a few weeks back. My character is Susanoo the Japanese storm god who according to Japanese folklore was banished from heaven for being a jerk to his sister. I put his house on a boulder balanced on a mountain top to show the extreme measures Susanoo has taken to avoid interacting with the locals. After a series of events, Susanoo has a change of heart and ends up saving a village from an evil eight headed dragon named Orochi.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Crash Bandicoot and Sad Pastries

For Concepts class, we had to create our own version of a favorite video game cover. I grew up on Playstation 1 games such as Gran Turismo, Spyro the Dragon, and my favorite, Crash Bandicoot. I decided to redo the cover for the first Crash Bandicoot game, where he must save his furry girlfriend, Tawnya Bandicoot, from the clutches of his evil creator, Dr. Neo Cortex. I can remember as a child always going back and re-playing the boss stages of the game. Crash's developer's at the time, Naughty Dog, did a great job giving each boss character their own unique personality and look. They even went to the trouble of giving the player background information on the characters in the game booklet. Because of this, I decided to make the new game cover have a greater emphasis on these characters while still making Crash the focal point.

Original Naughty Dog Cover from 1996

My Cover

This is another piece I did for Concepts, where I illustrated the phrase "Sweet Sorrow".

Some really sad doughnuts.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Susanoo the Storm God Final

For advanced character design I had to create a final concept for the character, Susanoo the Storm God. Here is the final design.

Seeing Color pt. 2

Heres some more in class and homework pieces from Seeing Color.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Converse Ad

For Concepts we had to create a a comprehensive rough draft for a NY Times Advertisement. I chose to make mine about Converse shoes. If I were to ever make a final draft of this, I would use a higher quality photo of my shoe laces and the drawings would be a lot more rendered.

What TIME is it?

Time magazine cover time! So for concepts we had to design our own Time magazine cover for the article, "Is America Islamophobic?". This is a rhetorical question people.
since 911, people of the Islamic faith have been feared and discriminated against time and time again. With all the controversy over the Islamic community center being built near ground zero, this issue has finally started being addressed. I only hope things will improve in my lifetime.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Meet the Creeper

This semester I'm also taking Advanced Character Design with illustrator Sean Murray. My group has to create characters for a fictional animated film based on the Japanese myth "Yamata No Orochi". For the first few weeks of class, we've just been turning in thumbnail sketches for minor characters (like villagers, demons, animals, etc.). Out of all my thumbnails, Sean liked the one of the village creep the best. Here are a few sketches from that class as well as the colored version of my village creep character.




For our first Concepts assignment, I had to illustrate the cover and two spot illustrations for this review of John Franzen's new book, "Freedom". For the amount of time I had, I like how the cover and first spot turned out.

Seeing Color (Double Rainbow All the Way)

As mentioned in my previous post, I'm taking a class this semester called Seeing Color. As you probably guessed its a color observation course where we have draw complex color scenarios. Here are a few projects I've done so far. All of them were done in soft pastel on Rives BFK paper.

All Apologies

Dear Jacob's Blog,

I would like to make a formal apology for neglecting to update you for the past few months. Please take this still life of colorful fruits and vegetables as my way of saying sorry. I will make an effort to update you more frequently in the future and I hope we can still be friends.
Jacob Thompson

Soft Pastel on Rives BFK paper

Okay, so the colorful fruits and vegetables was actually just a class assignment for Seeing Color, but I will seriously try to update this blog a lot more frequently this year. I spent my summer doing a lot of sketching and figure studies. I also did a few small projects for family members like this Acrylic painting of my grandmother's house.

Acrylics on Canvas

Sunday, May 2, 2010

How The Crocodile Got Its Skin

For my illustration 2 final, I Illustrated an African fable about how the Crocodile got its skin. I drew all the pictures by hand then applied color in photoshop. Overall, I'm pleased with the results. The crocodile originally had a smooth golden skin, and it stayed that way because the crocodile would spend all day in the muddy waters and only come out at night. All the other animals would come and admire it's beautiful golden skin.
The crocodile became very proud of its skin and started coming out of the water to bask in the other animals' admiration, even while the sun was shining. He bagan thinking he was better than the other animals and started bossing them around. The other animals became bored with his change in attitude and fewer and fewer started showing up to look at his skin.
But each day that the crocodile exposed his skin to the sun it would get uglier and bumpier and thicker, and was soon transformed into what looked like bulging armor.
Crocodile never recovered from the humiliating shame and even today will disappear from view when others approach, with only his eyes and nostrils above the surface of the water.

Text courtesy of

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Rocket Power! Black Metal Style

For this illustration 2 assignment we had to design our own skateboard deck and t-shirt for a fictional Pro Skateboarder. The theme of my design is "Heavy Metal Space Pyramid" and the skateboarder is Mario Vargus. I decided to include singer, King Diamond of the band, Mercyful Fate on my board primarily because of how over the top his appearance is. You can't get much more HEAVY METAL than him. (fun fact: If you've ever seen the movie Clerks 2, Jay and Silent Bob are rocking out to King Diamond's song, "Welcome Home" in multiple scenes!). I wanted this to look like poster art you might find on a heavy metal show advertisement so I went for a lot of loud colors and stereotypical "heavy metal" imagery.

Drawing From the Tablet.... WITH COLOR!

After spring break, my Drawing from the Tablet teachers started to let us use color in our homework assignments! This hasn't made my digital painting skills any better, but look how colorful everything is now!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Radio Lab: War of The Worlds

This is my illustration for Radio LAb's podcast on the original War of the Worlds radio broadcast. This podcast described how most of the chaos caused by War of the Worlds was out of fear of a Nazi invasion during WW2. The colors on this gave me a really hard time and I ended up with 8 different versions. These two are the ones I liked the most.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Finally Starting to Understand this Photoshop thing...

This is my latest homework assignment for Drawing from the Tablet. We just had to draw a figure from observation in photoshop using only grayscale, hard brushes, and two layers. Everything else could be completely from imagination (although there really was a robot riding a dinosaur just chilling in my room at the time.) I'm finally starting to feel more comfortable working digitally and using my tablet. Now I just gotta work on digital painting with color....

Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!.... In March!

Due to the great snowpocalypse of 2010, my illustration 2 class is now behind schedule in terms of classwork. Because of this, our Valentines day assignment ended up being due in March. Our teacher gave us a few lines from a "Valentines Day Advice Column", and wanted us to illustrate one "do" and one "don't". I chose to illustrate, "Do make your significant other a valentine" and "Don't buy her Lingerie". The drawings were done in graphite and ink. The color was applied in photoshop.

A few Extra Portraits...

Heres a few more in class and homework assignments from Portraiture. A few of them you may recognize...